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Level 2

Boccia Festival - 27th March 2018


On Tuesday 27th March, 3 children took part in a School Games Boccia festival at Fairfield Leisure Centre. 

Boccia is an all inclusive game for everyone to enjoy, whether you are 4 or 104, anyone can play. Boccia is similar to playing bowls except you are sitting down and you roll soft leather balls across the floor at the white jack.  This is the first time the event has been held and certainly will not be the last.  Our Boccia team had never played before, but once they had learnt the simple rules, they quickly showed off their skills. 


Seven schools took part and came away in 4th place.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Well done to Lorena, Solomon and Lily H.


Thank you to Mr and Mrs Dunning for coming along to show their support.

Year 5/6 Handball Tournament - 6th March 2018


On Tuesday 6th March we travelled to North Kent College for the annual handball tournament.  The team arrived in good spirits and were looking forward to getting started.

Handball is a team sport where the object of the game is to score as many goals as you can, but you can only use your hands.  A player is allowed to take up to 3 steps while holding the ball, but they are not allowed to dribble it.  Goalkeepers are the only players allowed in the area.

We played a total of 7 matches with a mix of wins, loses and a draw. Overall we finished 5th.  Well done to: Jennifer, James P, Georgia, Lillie-May, Jedi, Werasi, ad Rishaun.

Cross Country Competition - 6th February


On Tuesday 6th February, Temple Hill took part in a cross country competition at New Ash Green Primary School. There were 11 schools competing with each year group 4-6 running two races – one for boys and one for girls.


We had to run around the school field, around the playground, through the wooded area and back onto the field. The ground was muddy and although it seemed easy at first we found the race quite harsh. In the year 6 boy’s race, I came 20th, Lee came 12th and Matthew got first place! Matthew received a god medal!


At the end, they announced the winners and then the overall results - Wentworth came first, Temple Hill were second and Stone St Mary’s came third! This was a brilliant result. Our teachers were really proud of us! We would like to thank Mrs Humphris, Mrs Miles and Mr Stephens for looking after us.


By Aabhas