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Local Governing Board

Gavin Power

Occupational background – I am currently the Customer Service Director for the Times Educational Supplement publication  and have worked for the company for 26 years.

Special interests – Sports within the Trust

About me - I am married and have two children at Temple Hill in years 1 and 3.

My children thoroughly enjoy life at Temple Hill and I believe the level of teaching that they receive is excellent.  What also comes to light is their manners and behaviour which shine through and this is a credit to all staff at Temple Hill


I am the assistant manager of an Under 8’s football team for Fleetdown United in Heath Road Dartford, and find this a really fulfilling and part of my life.  To see the way the team improves with our coaching week after week is a rewarding experience.

Sport was a major part of my life during my school years and I feel it is so important to have this in your school life and for everyone to be involved no matter what your abilities are. Friendships built during these sports can last a lifetime.

I am also a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Danielle Egonu

Head of School

Leon Dawson
Deputy Headteacher

Positive, Passionate and Hardworking is how I would describe myself. I come from a large family with an English/Caribbean background. I love eating, exercise and seeing/doing new things in the world. I have worked with children in a variety of different settings before I became a teacher as well as doing a wide range of jobs including labouring, factory work, restaurants and cleaning. My main passion in life (other than Tottenham Hotspur!) is to improve the life chances of the children I work with. I am also a Designated Safeguarding Lead.  

Ayotola Tiamiyu

Occupational background: Chartered Accountant and Internal Auditor in a FTSE 100 Bank.


Special Interest Area: Equality and Community


About me. I have 2 daughters, one in Year 4 and another in Nursery in Dartford. My aim is to work with the Federation and support the schools in creating an enabling environment for the children to be inspired and support them to maximize their potential. I believe every child in the community deserves a champion and I will like to work with the School Management to achieve this vision.

I am currently a member of the Teaching and Learning committee which works with the school management to optimise the use of available resources.

Kieran Bird
Tammy Hoskins