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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 Staff

Year 4 Staff 1 Daniel Taylor - Teacher
Year 4 Staff 2 Emily Gould - Teacher
Year 4 Staff 3 Tom Leach - Teacher
Year 4 Staff 4 Lindsey Bateman - Associate Teacher
Year 4 Staff 5 Jo Grant - Associate Teacher
Year 4 Staff 6 Senga Ingram - Asscoiate Teacher

Year 4 Gallery



Our topic this term is 'Living Together'.  We will be learning:


- how to read maps in geography,

- how to use watercolours in art.

- the habitats different animals live in and our effect on their environment

- how our local area has changed over time.




Our book this term is 'Gregory Cool'.  In the story, Gregory is sent to Tobago to live with his grandparents for the summer holidays.  We will be reading how Gregory's summer goes whilst completing a range of activities and writing tasks inspired by the story.




Our focus this term is number.  We will begin by looking at place value before moving on to exploring addition and subtraction.