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1AD - Bell

Welcome Bell's Class!

Staff in 1AD - Bell

Come and have a look at our year ones and see how much we can learn and grow in just one year.   Mrs Devenish and Mrs Warren have to work extra hard to keep up with our energy level and endless curiosity!


Since we have now entered formal education, our class name has been dedicated to a very important scientist  called Alexander Graham Bell. If you wan to know why he is important please come and ask us. We are experts on Mr Bell!







Term 3



Our Topic in Term three is called ' The Magic Toy Maker' . We will learn about History, Geography and Science by looking at toys from the past, toys from different countries and the materials of which the toys are made.


Just last week, we took part in a History work shop  when we learnt about Victorian times. We played with Victorian toys and pretended to live in the Victorian days. Some of us even pretended to be chimney sweeps! 

History Work Shop

Science Investigation: Which object will float? Why?

In DT we made our own puppets!

Maths Term 3

This term we have been learning about measurements. So we have used rulers and meter sticks to measure and record length and height. We can use Metre, Centimetre and Millimetres! 

We can read rulers very well!

We learnt about weight and ordered items from lightest to heaviest!

Our Topic 

Our topic in term 2 is called 'Let's celebrate'. We will be learning about  celebrations around the world and the history behind our own celebrations! To start the topic we had a birthday party in the classroom when we discussed the meaning of birthdays and the reason for celebrating it. 




We have recently learnt about  3D shapes and at the end of the lesson made our own shapes!




We have been practising the two times tables and now are using it to help us double numbers to twelve! 

Where learning, laughter, challenge and community responsibility are encouraged and celebrated!