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1JH - Lydia Monks

Welcome to Lydia Monks class. Our teacher is Mrs Hares and our associate teacher is Miss Herridge. 

Mrs Hares and Miss Herridge

Mrs Hares and Miss Herridge 1
Mrs Hares and Miss Herridge 2
We are getting used to being in Year 1 and all the new learning opportunities. This term we are learning about the different jobs which people do, for example the fire fighters, PCSOs, dentists, vets and of course, teachers. We are having some visitors into school to visit us and talk about their working lives. We went on a walk to Temple Hill Square to look at the jobs which people there was a very hot day!

A letter from the Queen

A letter from the Queen 1
A letter from the Queen 2
A letter from the Queen 3
A letter from the Queen 4
When the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday this year, Onose wrote her a letter from the class (then Daffodils) and a couple of the children made her cards. We posted them off and finally we received a reply from Buckingham palace. the letter was signed by one of her ladies in waiting. The children were very impressed with how heavy the envelope felt as the Queen has seriously good writing paper!
Picture 1
On 17th October we had a visit from the fire fighters at Dartford fire station. We all got to sit in the fire engine and have a go at squirting the water hose. Some of us got a little bit wet.....but only because there was a shower of rain. We loved the fire engine and were very excited.