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1LN - Roger Hargreaves

Welcome to Roger Hargreaves Class!

Welcome to Roger Hargreaves Class! 1 Louise Neaves - Class Teacher
Welcome to Roger Hargreaves Class! 2 Jill Warren - Associate Teacher
Welcome to our Year 1 Class page!  We are all looking forward to an amazing year of learning, exploring, investigating and discovering both inside and outside of the classroom.  Our topics this year include finding out about different jobs, celebrations around the world and delving into the past to experience what toys our ancestors played with.  Come back and see what we have been doing as our learning unfolds....
Term 1 - A Day in the Life
We have started our new school year learning about all the different jobs that people do - especially those people who help us.  We have been asking our own deputy Head Mr Dawson some questions about what it is like working in our school, and are very excited to be meeting some fire fighters later in the term.  We have already looked at how teachers were in the past and how they made the children wear dunces caps!  We have been using our map reading skills to find our destination - just like an ambulance driver would -  and been making maps of our own.  Have a look at the pictures below to see some of the learning we have been doing.
Maths in Year 1
Term 1 is all about numbers.  We have been reading, writing, ordering and adding numbers, as well as counting in 2s!