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2KW - Nightingale

Welcome to the Class Page of 2KW (Nightingale)

 Nightingale Class

Staff in 2KW - Nightingale

Welcome to our class page!  We work really hard in Year 2 and have lots of fun doing so.  This page will be regularly updated so you can share our learning experiences with us smiley 

Term 6

For our last term in Year 2, we will be learning about how we can get 'From A to B'.  We will be looking at world maps to find the 7 continents and different oceans. We will be comparing our own country to Brazil to find out how the climates and way of life differ.

Term 5

Stories, stories and lots of stories!  Fables, legends and myths will form the main part of our topic learning this term.  We will be looking back in time and around the World to learn about the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians and their way of life.  A visit to Groombridge Place will end our topic superbly.


Term 4

It's all about being a Super Human in term 4. We will learn about the human body and how we use our senses. We will be listening to advice from our own kitchen staff about how to choose and prepare a healthy meal. Animals will form a large part of our topic and we will be classifying them as reptiles, mammals, birds, fish or amphibians and comparing their different structures.  

Teaching Year 3!

Term 3

The circus is coming to town in term 3! We will be finding out where the circus first began, in Ancient Rome.  As well as learning about all of the different circus acts, we will be looking at clowns in more detail and comparing different types of clowns.  Did you know there are white faced and auguste clowns?  We will be using our geography skills to find out where circus animals used to come from and we will be discussing why certain animals are not used in the circus anymore.  For our science lessons we will be comparing which materials are suitable for acrobats' outfits and big tops. A visit from a circus performer will teach us lots of new and exciting skills!

Temple Hill Circus!

The Circus Came to Town!

The Circus, Maths and Verbs

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Exploring Waterproof Materials

Internet Safety Day - Keep your details private!

Term 2

Term 2 started off with a special photo shoot and a visit from a photographer!  We enjoyed finding out about the very first camera and the first photograph ever taken.  Did you know the first photograph was taken in 1826? This term we will be learning lots of tips to take good photos and we will take and edit our own ones.  We will use ScratchJr, a programming app, to create our own stories and games.  Say Cheese! 

Our photo shoot and visit from a photographer

We Love Year 2!

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Term 1

We have a fantastic topic to kick start our year as we are going to be learning all about famous people from the past.  Of course, we are going to start this by learning about Florence Nightingale and why we are proud that our class are named after her!  Our journey into the past will also have us learning about the voyages of Captain Cook and Christopher Columbus.  We will learn about Edmund Hillary's brave and dangerous journey to the top of Mount Everest and Louis Braille's amazing invention for blind people.  Our topic will end with a visit from a very special person so pop back to see the pictures!


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