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6MM - Branson

Welcome to the Class Page of 6MM (Branson)

Staff in 6MM - Branson

Welcome to the 'Branson' class with Mr. Magee and Mrs. Tompsett. Year 6 is going to be a tough but fun year as we look to work through our final tests as primary school pupils before moving forward into secondary education. Have a look through our class page to find out what we have been up to each term. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of our amazing Year 6 pupils!

Term 5: SATs 


The SATs are nearly upon us and there is only one thing left to do... REVISISE! This term, we are dedicating our time to ensuring our pupils are best prepared for their upcoming tests. Our amazing Year 6 team have created timetables to make sure that each child has the best opportunity to succeed. These timetables will be focusing on the key aspects of SATs: Reading, writing, mathematics and GPS (Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling). As well as these extra group learning opportunities, the children will be making sure that any gaps in their learning will be filled in class. So far, we have been really impressed with their attitude and commitment to improve their learning.

SATs begin on Monday 9th May, so if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to speak to a member of our team.


We are also extremely proud to announce that Temple Hill is now the 'British Judo Champion' school thanks to the hard work, dedication and skill of our very own superstar. 

Getting ready for SATs

Term 4: The Holiday Show 


This term we packed our bags and went on an adventure! During our topic of "The Holiday Show" we looked at key terms such as: Emigration & Immigration, Tourism and how different countries appeal to different people.

As part of our research we looked at London and what it has to offer tourists. We were lucky enough to discuss transport links, and in doing so, hopped on a train to the Big Smoke itself. Once we got there, we took an awesome boat journey down the River Thames. Our speedboat adventure helped us realise how big London is and how much it has to offer tourists.

We also got to experience different landmarks including the Globe Theatre, home of William Shakespeare's historical plays. This linked in well with our Literacy plans as we are currently studying Macbeth. 

Macbeth is a story about one man's greed to gain the Crown of Scotland and the lengths he would go to get it. We also focused on the influence his wife - Lady Macbeth - had on his decisions.


As well as our amazing learning, we also had some fierce visitors in school in the form of pro-wrestlers. These towers of strength entertained the pupils throughout the school with stunning moves while also teaching them about the importance of safety. Of course, Mr Magee had to get involved and contributed with some impressive moves of his own.

Speedboats and wrestling.... what else can you wish for :)

Term 3: Space Explorers 


This term takes us to a place no man has been before... actually, that's a lie as we will be discovering exactly who has travelled into space and where they went! We will be learning about not only our planet, but all the other planets in our solar system which will entail studying their properties, how many moons they have and whether or not there is any chance of other lifeforms living on them! We have ourselves booked into to visit the Greenwich observatory which will allow us to gain a deeper knowledge of what exactly is out there! 

In literacy, our novel that we will be focusing on is called 'A wrinkle in Time' by Madeleine L'Engle. This is a sci-fi themed booked about a girls adventure travelling through space looking for her missing father. It's a gripping novel, so if you can, we highly recommend that you get a copy and read along with your child!

Term 3

Term 2 : AD 900


This term we have ventured back in time to look at how people live during the Viking era and that of Ancient Maya. We have been learning amazing facts about how these people lived. We have also been lucky enough to have experienced a cool Viking workshop which allowed us to imagine what it would feel like to be a Viking warrior!

When learning about Ancient Maya, we have studied where it would be located today. We have also studied their traditions, social structure, religious beliefs and sporting activities. Have you ever wanted to play the Maya game of Pok-a-tok? Well, think again, because the losers get decapitated!

In Literacy, we have been studying a fascinating book by Kevin Crossley-Holland called 'Bracelet of Bones'. This text focuses on the daughter of a Viking warrior who goes on a quest to find her father. 

Term 2

Term 1: Out of Africa


During Term 1 we have been looking at the remarkable topic involving evolution. We began by looking at what the word 'evolution' means. This led on to us investigating which things have evolved over time and to our dismay, we stumbled on the evolution of fashion (PLEASE TELL ME YOU DIDN'T DRESS THAT WAY MUM?!). This topic has included looking at where we, as humans, have come from. We have taken a close look at each of our family members and discussed what genes we have inherited from our parents.

Studying this topic has also allowed us to look at fossils, where they came from and how they are formed. If you want to find out how fossils are formed, then do not hesitate to stop any of our wonderful Year 6 pupils and ask them.

Wide Horizons team building day

The evolution of our learning


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