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Curious Crocodiles (RCC)

Teacher - Cathy Chatwin

Associate Teacher - Jill Warren

Welcome to Curious Crocodile class.  We love coming into school and especially enjoy investigating our outside garden area where we have much fun with the water area, our Mud Kitchen, looking at the pond, building with the large wooden blocks and using our climbing equipment.


We continue to learn new sounds everyday.  We like to air-write these sounds with our 'magic writing fingers' and then write these on paper.  We like the fact that Fred the Frog helps us with his Fred Talk and we help him to blend the sounds to make a word. Some of us are beginning to read text fluently and we love to practise our handwriting.


We have enjoyed visits from James Carter, the poet, and Michael Rosen, the author of one of our favourite books, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.


We enjoyed our trip to Godstone Farm on 28th April and the weather was kind to us. We saw many animals, but I think our favourite were the very noisy and hungry pigs! We had fun on our trip to the Horton Kirby Environmental Centre and, again, the weather was kind to us.  We enjoyed using the fishing nets in the ponds the best and were so excited when we found three newts and saw frogs in the water. 


Our next big step now is into Year 1.  We are looking forward to this and to learning many more new things.

Easter Hat Parade - March 2015

Pyjama Day! 1st April 2015

St George's Day - 23rd April 2015

Godstone Farm Trip - Tuesday, 28th April 2015

Life is like a butterfly!

Vegetable soup!

Horton Kirby Environmental Centre - Tuesday, 16th June 2015

We listened to different bird songs.
We used binoculars to bird watch.
We imitated the collared doves 'united' bird song.
We flew with our mouths open to catch flies!!
We made a human millipede to walk in the garden.
We used resources collected to make birds nests.
We enjoyed pond dipping and found three newts.
Hunting for insects.
"Look, I've got an insect in my pot."
"I've caught a newt!"
We found a frog hiding under a leaf.
I wonder what we will find?
We love pond dipping!
Two of the newts we caught.
Lunch time - hooray! We were hungry!
Shhh.  We had to tiptoe over the badger's set.
Crawling over the badger's set, under the bushes.
An entrance to the set dug by a badger.
We enjoyed racing snails.
Which snail will win?

Sports Day - Friday, 3rd July 2015

All set for Sports Day!
Mars Team all ready to start!
Neptune Team all ready!
Jupiter Team all set for a good Sports Day!
Saturn Team - here we come!
Careful over the bench in the obstacle race.
Lovely balancing!
A well earned drink!
'High-fives' with Year 6!
Careful does it!
Get to the end, turn around and go back!
Balancing to keep the hoop safely on his head!
When it is my turn?
"Get set, go!"
Concentrate. Do not let the egg drop!
Further concentration!
"I am not going to drop my egg."

Music Festival Week - 13th to 17th July 2015

All dressed up for our Musical Festival!
Pop stars of the future!
Jiggle dancing!
'Take your partner by the hand'
Skipping across the floor!
More skipping!
We were the leaders of the dance!
Putting lots of effort in!
Lovely skipping!
We are getting more confident at this!
Skipping again!
Sideways skipping now!
We can do it!
Carefully does it!
We are good at holding hands, skipping together!
More sideways skipping!
Yet more!
Pulling each other along!
Making a drum set in the garden!
Making up dances and even Mrs Hares joined in!
Posing with Ed Sheeran!
Pretty 'Frozen' princesses!
We enjoyed the junk music man.
Mrs Pardon was such good fun!
We all made a junk musical instrument.
At the Music Festival.
Music Festival fun!

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