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Leach's Lions (6TL)

Hello and welcome to Class 6TL, the home of Leach's Lions. This year we have been extremely busy looking at a range of different topics in IPC, including: AD 900, in which we deepened our historical understanding of two non-European civilizations, the Mayans and the kingdom of Benin and our most recent topic, Space.  Currently, we are all working hard to ensure we are ready and prepared for our SATs exams which are no more than a few weeks away.

To find out more about us:

Leach's Lions on tour.



This term Year 6's IPC topic is 'Space Explorers'. Our class have been learning lots of facts about planet Earth and other planets in our solar system.


Here are some of the things we have learnt about so far:

- How impact craters are caused by asteroids and meteorites.

- How the Earth orbits the Sun with other planets in our solar system.

- How we get different seasons during a year on planet Earth.

- Galileo Galilei and his telescope.

- The distances of all the planets from the Sun and their order.

- How the Moon changes its phases in our sky and how it orbits our Earth. 

Space Explorers


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