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Year 5/6 Girls Kwik Cricket Tournament

On Wednesday 13th June, an excited girls' cricket team made their way to Hesketh Park for the annual Girls Kwik Cricket tournament.

This tournament was a little smaller than the mixed tournament the week before with only 6 schools taking part.  We were able to play two practice matches before the tournament began which was great, as our coach Mr Van Straaten gave us some last minute coaching.

Our first match was against Sutton-at-Hone, the game was very tight but we managed to walk away with a win, which was great for the team.

Unfortunately we went on lose our following four matches with mixed results, however the girls remained positive, worked hard and enjoyed the day.  We finished tied on points with two other schools, but due to the number of wickets lost we came away 5th overall.

Well done girls - Peace, Jennifer, Nicola, Anvi, Kyla, Ritamary, Mija and Pedetin

Year 5/6 Mixed Kwik Cricket

On Tuesday 5th June our cricket team travelled to Hesketh Park for the annual Kwik Cricket tournament. 


With the tournament kicking off with the group stages, the team were really excited and looking forward to playing some great cricket.  In our group we were drawn against Langafel, Bean and Our Lady's of Hartley, so it was game on!  Our first match was against Langafel, the team performed brilliantly and came away with their first win. Next up was Bean, they had some strong players in terms of bowlers and batters so we knew early on it wasn't going to be an easy match.  We lost our second match with only 5 runs in it.  Having no idea of the standings we entered our final group stage match against Our Lady's of Hartley.  Another tough match, but with some superb catching and even better bowling we achieved a comfortable win. Breaking for lunch we waited patiently to find out who we were up against in the playoffs. 


With the team fed and watered it was back to business.  Results were in.... Temple Hill were top of their group which meant we played Gateway in a 1st and 2nd playoff.  This was certainly our toughest match so far, despite some great fielding we couldn't stop them losing out by some 40 runs.


Having lost to Gateway we then played for 3rd and 4th place against reigning champions Wentworth.  This was another close match, with the team narrowly missing out on 3rd place.  We finished the tournament in 4th place out of 13 schools, so overall an amazing result!  The children showed fantastic teamwork and sportsmanship.


Well done to the squad: Jennifer, James P, Werasi, Abdul, Mija, Kyla, Oliver A and Aaron we are very proud of you.

District Sports - 23rd May 2018

On Wednesday 23rd May, 34 children from Years 3-6 travelled to Central Park Athletics Track for the annual District Sports event.  This is the biggest sporting event of the Dartford District Primary Schools Sports Association calendar.


There was two field events (shot put and standing long jump) with two children from each year group (1 boy and 1 girl) competing in each event.  While on the track two children again from each year group competed in either 60m, 70m or 80m sprint and the sprint relays and finally two children from year 6 ran 300m.


It was a fantastic afternoon of athletics and the children did an amazing job and walked away with 3 GOLD, 4 SILVER and 2 BRONZE individual medals and an overall 4th place.


Well done to the squad: Matthew, Lee, Peace, Ella, Ellis, Amy, Georgia, Ajan, Lillie-May, Jibreel, Minnie, Tyreiss, Abdul, Kyla, Jennifer, James, Anvi, Shaun, Fawaz, Charlie, Mason, Tyra, Andel, Daniele, Thevni, Teo, Chloe, Imogen, Alex, Joey, Ernie, Jasmine, Ashlee and Daisy A we are very proud of you all!

Year 3/4 Mini Red Tennis Tournament - 9th May 2018

On Wednesday 9th May, 8 Year 4 children travelled to David Lloyd Sports Club for the mini tennis tournament.   A total of 18 teams (2 from Temple Hill) took part, this is the biggest tournament so far this year in respect of the number of teams.  In their groups the children played 6 matches each, with a mix of results and great sportsmanship.  Team A finished 4th and Team B finished 2nd, another great performance by the children.


Well done to: Fawaz, Sonny, Calvin, Romilly, Gitikia, Tyra, Kylie and Mason  

Year 1/2 Infant Agility - 25th April 2018


On Wednesday 25th April, 10 very excited Year 2 children took part in an Infant Agility tournament.  They have been extremely patient as this was originally scheduled for 28th February, however was postponed due to the snow!


Infant Agility is a mini tournament aimed at KS1 children and comprises of 8 different activities; standing long jump, javelin, speed bounce, skipping, skittles, striker, chest push and stepper.  The team rotated round each station once, with everyone taking part in each activity and their scores were then added together as a team.


This was the first all but one of them had represented the school and what an amazing group of children they were.  They all tried their very best, worked as a team, behaved impeccably and most of all had FUN!​  


​We finished 5th!  Well done to: Kara, Samuel, Lola, Theo, Sophie, Lewis C, Gabrielle A, Freddie, Kiera-May and Nefemi O.

Boccia Festival - 27th March 2018


On Tuesday 27th March, 3 children took part in a School Games Boccia festival at Fairfield Leisure Centre. â€‹

Boccia is an all inclusive game for everyone to enjoy, whether you are 4 or 104, anyone can play. Boccia is similar to playing bowls except you are sitting down and you roll soft leather balls across the floor at the white jack.  This is the first time the event has been held and certainly will not be the last.  Our Boccia team had never played before, but once they had learnt the simple rules, they quickly showed off their skills. 


Seven schools took part and came away in 4th place.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Well done to Lorena, Solomon and Lily H.


Thank you to Mr and Mrs Dunning for coming along to show their support.

Key Steps Gymnastics Competition - 22nd March 2018


On Thursday 22nd March, 3 squads of gymnasts travelled to Dartford Science & Technology College to take part in a Key Steps Gymnastic Competition. 

For some children this was the first time they had represented the school at an event, so understandably were a little nervous. â€‹

Everyone has been working extremely hard under the guidance of our team coach, Miss Boswell to learn their routines.  This was the first time Temple Hill have entered this event, we weren't sure what to expect. The important thing was the children enjoyed it, little did we know we would come away with a 1st place (yr 1/2), 2nd place (yr 5/6) and 4th place (yr 3/4). Fantastic results and well deserved, every single one of them performed brilliantly.


A HUGE thank you to Miss Boswell for her time, patience and coaching.


A MASSIVE thank you to FOTHs, who without the hard work in raising funds for our school, we wouldn't have had a uniform.

Last but by no means least, thank you to all the children for being AMAZING and a pleasure to work with. Miss Boswell and I are extremely proud of you!


Well done - Feyikemi, Olivia B, Skarlet, Emily B, Nassy, Sophie,Tia, Georgie,Daisy, Alana, Imogen, Jodie, Tyra,Teo, Amy, Peace, Mia, Phillip and Tyreiss.

Year 5/6 Handball Tournament - 6th March 2018


On Tuesday 6th March we travelled to North Kent College for the annual handball tournament.  The team arrived in good spirits and were looking forward to getting started.

Handball is a team sport where the object of the game is to score as many goals as you can, but you can only use your hands.  A player is allowed to take up to 3 steps while holding the ball, but they are not allowed to dribble it.  Goalkeepers are the only players allowed in the area.

We played a total of 7 matches with a mix of wins, losses and a draw. Overall we finished 5th.  Well done to: Jennifer, James P, Georgia, Lillie-May, Jedi, Werasi, ad Rishaun.

Cross Country Competition - 6th February


On Tuesday 6th February, Temple Hill took part in a cross country competition at New Ash Green Primary School. There were 11 schools competing with each year group 4-6 running two races – one for boys and one for girls.


We had to run around the school field, around the playground, through the wooded area and back onto the field. The ground was muddy and although it seemed easy at first we found the race quite harsh. In the year 6 boy’s race, I came 20th, Lee came 12th and Matthew got first place! Matthew received a gold medal!


At the end, they announced the winners and then the overall results - Wentworth came first, Temple Hill were second and Stone St Mary’s came third! This was a brilliant result! Our teachers were really proud of us! We would like to thank Mrs Humphris, Mrs Miles and Mr Stephens for looking after us.


By Aabhas


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