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Matthews' Muskteers (2SM/TM)

Teachers -Su Matthews   & Tina Muskett 


Associate Teacher - Jane Thorn 

Welcome to the Matthews' Musketeers Class page. We chose our name because of our two class teachers Mrs Matthews and Mrs Muskett. Just like the real Musketeers, we are brave and adventurous learners. Our Class motto is 'All for one and one for all' which means all look out for one another and can rely on our class mates to help us whenever we need it.


We are a very enthusiastic class who love to read. We are also very creative and love art, making models and experimenting.

Our topic for Term 4 is titled 'People of the Past: Significant People', we are learning about inventors, artists, composers, authors, humanitarians and civil rights leaders who have helped to shape the world we live in. Our writing will focus around the stories and characters of Roald Dahl. We will be having a visit from Florence Nightingale on Friday 27th March to learn about her work.


In Maths we are learning to tell the time, to multiply and divide, about measurement and to find halves and quarters of numbers and shapes.

Our Trip to Chatham Historic Dockyard

Our Year 2 Presentation