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Outdoor Learning

Welcome to the Outdoor Learning Page!

Jacob Chiarletti - Outdoor Learning Leader

Welcome to the world of Outdoor Learning!  Every child at Temple hill gets the very exciting opportunity to take their learning outside of the classroom in order to learn more about our environment, discover ways in which to help our planet, connect with naturefor health and well-being, experience real life learning and solve problems either independently or collaboratively along the way.  Please feel free to come and have a look at what we are doing in the school grounds, in the local area and down at The Enchanted Woodland!

Nursery at the Woods!


Image result for the gruffalo


The children in the Nursery went on a Gruffalo down at the woods.  It turns out that there really IS such a thing as a Gruffalo!



The book that is featuring in Reception in Term 3 is ''Superworm''.  We took all our tools and detective skills down to the woods to see how many worms - and other insects - we could find!


Image result for superworm

We looked in the ground, under logs and encouraged the worms to come out using water and by stamping our feet.  We then took them back to school to inspire our writing.

Year 1 

The year 1 classes are dedicated to their Outdoor Learning opportunities, whether it be in their own garden, on the field, the playground or venturing down to the woods.

So far this academic year they have:

Tested their aeroplanes out of the back of the bus


Created their own woodland friend


Identified and created habitats


Toasted marshmallows!


Year 2

Year 2 love taking their learning outside!  They often come down to the woods on a Tuesday or out on the school field to do amazing Outdoor Learning.

The Lighthouse

The children who learn in the Lighthouse really enjoy coming to the woods to help out with all the jobs needed.  They have planted bulbs, tidied Ethel's grave and helped with the litter picking.  We have also been on treasure hunts, built dens and had the all important fire, marshmallows and hot chocolate!


Where learning, laughter, challenge and community responsibility are encouraged and celebrated!