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Welcome to the Class Page of RCC (Rose)

Staff in RCC - Rose

Cathy Chatwin - Teacher
Sharon Herridge - Associate Teacher

Welcome to Term 6!


We have recently enjoyed our History Week (week beginning 27th June) and we hope that you had the chance to visit our exhibition of all the work we had done during this week. Thank you to the parents who did a project or made a fantastic model of Leeds Castle; these added interest to our exhibition.


All children in Rose Class enjoyed our trip to Leeds Castle; we had a fantastic time and the weather was really good to us. We enjoyed meeting King Henry VIII, the maze, the workshop where we acted in the Swan Princess and the castle tour.  We also enjoyed the playground where we liked the climbing equipment and the zip wire.  We also had a visit from a baby dinosaur and a full size T-Rex called Millie.  There was much excitement in our school hall!


Children will continue to take a reading book home to read to parents!  Please help and encourage your child to sound out and blend the sounds together to enable them to read simple words and sentences. Once they have mastered this skill, please encourage them to read more fluently by 'Fred Talking' in their head and then reading the word.  Please also try and check understanding of what the children have read by asking questions about the text. On a Friday, the children will be sent home a book to share for the weekend.  Your child's Planner needs to be in school everyday and signed at the end of each week, please.  We hope that you continue to enjoy reading and sharing these books with your child.  Happy reading!


We are continuing to consolidate our knowledge of sounds and applying this knowledge to read and write everyday in our Read, Write Inc lessons, so please encourage your child to use this knowledge at home.   We also do lots of counting and recognition of number to 20 and beyond.  We are beginning to solve simple problems by counting on and back on a number line to find the answer and starting to understand simple number sentences and the different ways to make 10.  We have also learnt simple doubling and halving of numbers to solve problems in the quickest way and looked at sharing into equal groups.  In Shape, Space and Measure, we have been learning about how to order items by weight or height and beginning to understand capacity - which container holds more, and using the language full, empty and half-full accurately.  We have also looked at telling the o'clock times and spoken about the hour and minute hands. Please encourage your child to practise these skills at home too, thank you.


We continue to encourage children to 'grow their brains' and to challenge themselves to move their learning on to the next step and it would be good if you could please ask your child about their day at school.



History Week - 27th June

We met King Henry VIII!
We were intrigued by the wishing well.
Further investigation of the wishing well!
We enjoyed our castle tour.
Dressed up as soldiers for the Swan Princess play.
Marching around the gardens!
Rose Class at Leeds Castle!
King Krishna!
Dressed up for the Swan Princess play.
Dressed up as the baddie!
The Swan Princess!
Enjoying the zip wire!
On the swings!
In the sandpit!
We stroked a baby dinosaur.
We were brave enough to stroke a big T-Rex!
Some boys made a huge dinosaur poster.
Dancing through the ages - trying some ballroom!

Wedding Fun!

We are the bride and groom!
How smart do we look!
We worked as a team to make a wedding tiara!
We made wedding hats!
We are making a wedding cake!
We carefully crack the egg into the mixture!
We have to mix all the ingredients together!
Nearly done - now the icing!
Shall we decorate the cake!
We added daisies as decoration!

Godstone Farm - 20th April

We felt some sheep's wool.   "It is soft."
We washed our hands after touching the animals.
We posed for a photograph with the scarecrows!
We fed the pigs with food pellets.
We smelt the food pellets!
We all loved the Shetland pony!
We had fun on our tractor ride!
We learnt how to card the sheep's wool.
We helped spin the wool into yarn.
We had to concentrate hard!
We listened well to instructions.
We used the foot pedal to make the wheel spin.
We gently stroked a baby rabbit.
More rabbits to stroke!

Easter Hats!

Parading with our hats!
More parading!
Rose Class winner! Well done!
Home time in our hats!

Easter Craft Afternoon - March 2016

Sports Relief Day - March 2106

Crawling under the net!
Jumping in the hoops!
Jumping out of the hoop!
Running through the obstacles!
Jumping in the tyres!
More jumping in the tyres!
Running in and out of the flags!
Climbing over the obstacles and jumping off!
Careful climbing!
'Having a go' and jumping off the obstacles!

Birthday celebrations!

Maria brought in a birthday cake and candles.
We sang 'Happy Birthday' and blew the candles out.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

"I liked the egg fried rice!"
"The sauce is very spicy!"
"I like the prawn parcels!"
"I like the prawn crackers!"
"I like the chilli sauce!"
"I like Chinese food!"
"I am eating a vegetable spring roll!"
I tasted the prawn crackers!
"I liked the prawn toast toast!"
"The prawn crackers taste nice."
"I like the prawn crackers!"
"The prawn crackers taste nice."
I tasted prawn crackers.  I liked them!
I was brave and tasted some Chinese food.

Preparing for Christmas!

Christmas Craft Afternoon - we had mummies, daddies, brothers, sisters and nannies come in to help us!

Bauble Painting - we had to concentrate hard and listen to instructions.

Icing biscuits for the Christmas Fair

Medal Making with Year 4 for Anti-Bullying Day - November 2015

Remembrance Day

Festival of Light - October 2015

Look at the lantern I made at home!

Getting ready for Halloween - October 2015

"I went to a pumpkin farm and picked these!"
All dressed up for Freaky Friday!

Our visit from Chris Cook, Olympic Swimmer - 19th October 2015

Cake making - 19th October 2015

Maths Day - 30th September 2015

Our first two weeks in Rose Class!


Where learning, laughter, challenge and community responsibility are encouraged and celebrated!