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Welcome to Reception!

This is Reception's Year Group page. Here you can find out information about what we get up to in all each term.
There are four classes in Reception, each named after a British illustrator - Shirley Hughes, Beatrix Potter, David McKee & Tony Ross.

Reception Staff

Term 4


We are now half way through the year! Hasn't the time flown.

This term your children continue their learning journey by consolidating their knowledge of number to at least 20. We shall be working on halving and sharing in practical ways. Please help your child by counting objects and looking for numbers; on doors, cars, in the shops and all around. Please encourage them to name the number. Ask them what is one more and one less than the number. See your child's class teacher if you need more specific ideas for your child.

We will also be re visiting shape. We will name 2D and 3D shapes and describe them in relation to their properties, using vocabulary such as side, corners, edge and face.

RWI is going well and we are seeing the progress in terms of children's independent writing. We will continue to blend sounds in words when reading. We shall segment sounds in words to help with spelling. We will now be encouraging children to write simple sentences linked to their chosen activities and interests.

In term 5 we shall be visiting Godstone Farm. The date for this is Tuesday 2nd May. We will be looking for parents to come with us. If you would like to be considered to help please let your child's class teacher know.

Freshwater Theatre have changed the date of their visit and are now coming this Wednesday 25th January. We are looking forward to our story hunt.

Welcome back to term 3. We hope you have had a good Christmas and would like to wish you all a happy new year.

This term we will be continuing to build on phonic knowledge through our RWI sessions, with the emphasis on using this when we read and write. Children will be given opportunities to use their knowledge during their own learning time.

In our magic maths sessions we will continue to  work with number to 20 and beyond and encourage children to solve problems. We have been using our understanding of number to work out how many dinners the cook needs to prepare and how many are in class. We will be encouraging children to say how they are working this out as well as to find ways to record this.

Your child's interests form the basis of their learning so please let class teachers know if you have noticed specific interests that we can incorporate into our planning.

Tuesday 24th January is parent consultation day; please let staff know if you have not had a letter about this. Appointments will be sent out in the beginning of term 3.

We are looking forward to a visit on Wednesday 1st February from Freshwater Theatre Company. They will be leading an interactive workshop based on a story hunt. Each class will take part in a separate story hunt throughout the day and at the end will work together to create a class story.

Class photos are planned for Friday 3rd February.

We are looking forward to a busy term!


Term 2

We are looking forward to our next term in 'big school'!  This term is an exciting one with the run-up to Christmas and all the activities that this happy time of the year brings.  We will also be working hard and learning more new sounds and then beginning to blend these sounds together to be able to read and write simple words.  We will continue to practise our recognition of number to 20 and beyond and will 'count back' and 'count on' on our class number line to find out how many children are in each day, how many are having school dinners and how many packed lunches.  We will become familiar with the language 'more' and 'less' and then begin to know this information from a given number.

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