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Scott's Smashing Superheroes (6MS)










Teacher - Melissa Scott             Associate Teacher - Vikki Miles

Our class name is Scott's Smashing Superheroes because our teacher loves Spiderman and Marvel. We decided that superheroes were a good choice for this class as we all have our own specialities that we hope to improve this year. The word 'smashing' is in our class name to show that we intend to break all school records this year and be the best Year 6 there has ever been!


In this class we expect top class behaviour, which means being green to go, always being the best we can be, acting our age and exceeding expectations. 


Currently we are reading 'Holes' as our class book. It is about a young boy named Stanley Yelnats (his name is cool because his surname is his first name spelt backwards) who was accused of a crime he did not commit. As a result of this he was forced to abandon his home and go to Camp Green Lake, which is a dry, hot, dusty desert with no lake at all. We are excited to read on and find out what happens next. 

Did anyone else see the UFO over Temple Hill last week?! We worked for Alien Research Centre and investigated the strange creatures who were on board. You''ll have to read our explanation texts to find out more!

Check out our dress-up choices inspired by our favourite book characters for World Book Day!

Our Term 3 topic is Out of Africa. We are learning lots of information about how the world has changed over time into the world we know today! We started off by looking at the future and how we think fashion might evolve...

Term 2 AD900. During this topic we looked at the Benin and Mayan civilisations. We learnt that their culture is very different to ours in many ways! In our entry point we tasted hot chocolate like the Mayans would have had it, played traditional games, created a year group tapestry showing Mayan art and learnt about the tradition of sacrifice.

In Term 1 we learnt about other countries in our topic 'The Holiday Show'. We focused on Tanzania and England (specifically London).

A day spent as London tourists!

Check out our superhero themed classroom...


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