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Sporty Smarties (6CM)

Teacher - Charlie McCarthy


Hi I'm Mr. McCarthy and this is my second year teaching the class of Sporty Smarties! I am an NQT enjoying life at Temple Hill Primary School. My class are a fantastic bunch of children and I have enjoyed watching them learn and progress as excellent students in the last 2 years. They are a pleasure to teach and I dread the day they all leave me to go to secondary school in the very near future. Make sure that you pop by our classroom any time you are in Temple Hill Primary School, so you can see all the amazing work this year 6 class have done to date. 


Associate Teacher - James Fordham


Mr. Fordham is a very experienced TA at Temple Hill Primary School and he works extremely hard for our Year 6 class. He helps every single child with their learning every single day and the children love working with him. He is a valuable member to our team and we are very grateful to have him with us this year! 


To find out more about us:


Welcome to laughMr McCarthy's Sporty Smartieslaugh


Year 6CM


Welcome to our fantastic class of sporty smarties. This year we have chosen this as our class name, because we all love sports and learning and it just so happens that we are all amazing at both!  We are a great team of students and we proved this on our school trip to Blacklands Farm at the beginning of the year.



On this page you will find out about what we have been learning in school over the year. You will also find important information about our IPC topics, school trips and much more.



This term Year 6's IPC topic is 'Space Explorers'. Our class have been learning lots of facts about planet Earth and other planets in our solar system.


Here are some of the things we have learnt about so far:

- How impact craters are caused by asteroids and meteorites.

- How the Earth orbits the Sun with other planets in our solar system.

- How we get different seasons during a year on planet Earth.

- Galileo Galilei and his telescope.

- The distances of all the planets from the Sun and their order.

- How the Moon changes its phases in our sky and how it orbits our Earth. 

Our school trip to Greenwich Planetarium

This term we also learnt about different types of rocks on Earth.


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