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Talented Twigs (3LB)

Teacher - Laura Branch (Yr 3 Leader)









Associate Teacher - Gill Bates

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                    Scavengers and Settlers


This term our topic is 'Scavengers and Settlers' . We have enjoyed learning about how humans have changed over time and how our daily lives have developed. During Art lessons we created beautiful cave art which represented the lives of these early people. They used the drawings to help tell stories, share experiences and explain useful information. Did you know during the Stone Age lots of animals were much bigger than their modern counterparts: Mammoths (that's how they got their name!), Saber-toothed Cats and Cave Bears were all really big! 


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                                         Year 3’s Exit Point for ‘Scavengers and Settlers’


Year 3 were lucky enough to take part in a fire safety and building workshop this week. During the activity the children were using modern alternatives to the sharp flint stones used by the Stone Age people to light fires, these are called a flint and steel. Under the watchful eye of our trained supervisor the children managed to create a spark and successfully light their fires.  All children learnt about the Fire Triangle and how all three elements are needed to light and keep a fire burning. In addition, the children learnt the importance of fire safety and what to do if they are ever in an emergency situation. 

Fire Safety and Building Workshop

We created Rightmove adverts for Stone Age accommodation. Read below to find out the benefits of living in a permanent settlement compared to moving with the seasons!

We learnt how fossils are formed and made our replicas from clay.

Our Term 4 Entry Point was to make shelters in the Enchanted Wood. We had to make sure we only used natural materials and that our shelter was big enough to fit our group in! It was great fun!

         People Who Made a Difference

During Term 3 we have learnt about significant people from the past and present. We have explored how the fight for equal rights developed and how the leaders at this time responded. In Art lessons we re-created the famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh, 'Starry night', using oil pastels and paint. Our amazing trip to Madame Tussauds, in London, meant we were able to meet our heroes face to face and learn more about their inspiring lives. 

Just a few from the day...

         Land, Sea and Sky


This term Year 3 visited London Zoo on the 14th November as part of our Land, Sea and Sky topic. We were looking very closely at the range of habitats at the zoo and how they cater for all the different species that live there. We particularly enjoyed watching the penguin show and learning more about tigers during an information talk. In addition we visited the reptile house and the aquarium. Did you know red bellied piranhas, who often travel in shoals as a predatory defense, can take the meat off a horse in a matter of minutes?! Take a look at our pictures below! We were very lucky and even had tea with the tigers!

  Gateways to the World

For our Exit Point in IPC we learnt about the importance of life jackets and made our own!

The Talented Twigs - Welcome to our classroom!


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