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Term 1&2

In year 4 this term we have been reading the book 'Pugs of the Frozen North'. We looked closely at arctic animals and invented our very own hybrids to use as a focus for our non-chronological reports.

Sharon A (4ES)





The Ronkey is a formidable animal of the forest family and can be easy to handle when it is calm.

A Ronkey is indeed a very strange animal but a very sharp one to.

A Ronkey can jump or swing over 50 miles per hour but that’s not all, did you know the combination of the hybrid “Ronkey” is a monkey and a rabbit?

This beast is one of the brightest hybrids in the world as it can act like a human and can make very cute eyes.


Even though the name “Ronkey” seems silly, a Ronkey’s appearance is absolutely magnificent.

 It has a long, soft brown tail and its nerves makes its tail into a rabbit tail.

A Ronkey has very good eyesight even though they have little eyes.

It has brown skin depending on what colour the tail is (which is white) and if the skin is white the tail is brown.


Overall, a Ronkey is a very confusing because it is very fussy about its diet. It will always want to keep a balanced diet, it will eat a little bit of fat food (about 10%) and lots of healthy food (about 90%).You may wonder how can an animal eat human food.

As it said previously a Ronkey is indeed a strange animal.

Where do they live

They can live in forests and wetlands.

Sometimes a Ronkey can live high in the trees or in burrows.

They can live up to only 2 hours without eating.


Formidable-difficult to deal with or do

Magnificent-very beautiful or amazing

Sharp-very smart

Freddy W (4ES)





This amazing hybrid is the combination of two strong Animals.

What do they look like?

Horsedog has a front body of a dog its face is long, its body is muscular with the body of a race horse


Where do they live?

Horsedogs live in the wild woods in Europe.


What do They eat?

They eat hay and chickens.


Fun Fact!!

They prance like a ballerina.

Serinna U (4ES)




This is a hybrid of formidable animals. Have you ever wondered how it will be if a leopard had the head of a lemur and it will actually be so hilarious mean a lemur with a leopards’ tail?



The lepur is a very spine-tingling animal. It has huge dazzling eyes and can see a lot of objects. The lepur is unique because a leopard has only seven sub-species. usually lepurs are light coloured   and have pitch black   spots on their tails, the spots are called “rosette” their shape is similar to roses.



Lepurs forage for fruit, leaves, flowers, tree bark and sap.

They are actually quite funny and eat a lot of thing




An exciting, spine-tingling feeling.

Emily B (4ES)




The Slozard is a hybrid of a sloth and a lizard Slozard’s are a similar animal to a chameleon   that has very slow movement in its action’s.


They have around 10 patterns on their body 2 of them are stripes and spots. They also have a tail about 2cm longer than their body they are quite small indeed.


They eat small insects and bugs with ants they are will sometimes eat animals such as anteaters and rabbits. They also eat foods from plants like fruit and vegetables.

Where Do They Live

They live in the rain forest where it rains and its sunny. They live part in the tree wholes and plays in the canopy.

Funky Facts

The Slozard has very high sense of hearing and seeing. Slozard likes to play with birds, lions from all over the world. They are in fact very slow indeed. It has a very sneaky habit of being quiet on grass and loud on concrete and can climb trees very enthusiastically.

Alfie B (4SS)




A mighty and powerful combination of a land animal and marine animal that will terrify anyone who goes near it, the forca is the largest member of the dolphin family but from two species orca and artic fox. 


What do they eat?

The Forca can eat squid, shark, its own kind, polar bear and fish.

Where do they live?

The almighty forca lives in the arctic and Antarctic because if they go anywhere else they will die. It should stay in the cold conditions.


The forca is a striking creature. One of the biggest apex predator in the world its tail can destroy anyone or anything to defend its self and help it swim in icy cold waters. It uses its front legs to help it walk, dig and hunt. The forca’s eyes are red , its face is white and it has black skin and fur to live in cold conditions .   

What the forca does?

This incredibly powerful beast uses its free time to play, with its cubs or run  around in the snow.

Fun facts

Did you know the forca can swim an incredibe speed of hundred miles per hour ?

This mighty beast will hunt anything in its path or in its way.

Did you know that the forca can hide and cover its self in the snow and jump up and eat its prey?

Did you known that the  forca can glow in the dark and become invisible in water?


Colossal-something or someone that is tall.

Aston P (4SS)


Pofo (artic fox and polar bear)



Have you ever wondered what a pofo would be like well first you need to fine I will tell u now then. The pofo is the largest part of the bear family. Read on to find more.


Did you now a pofo eats? Small animals ONLY in summer. Seals in winter. ONLY! It eats goats in autumn

And sheep in spring poor animals.


Where do they live?

Did you now that the pofo loves going in snow?

Correct. They can be found in many places such as grassland, the north pole, on ice, under snow and in water. 


Funky facts 

A male pofo can weigh up to 680kg (1500lbs).

A pofo is  the largest part of the bear family.

A female pofo weighs 600kg.



Pofo=polar bear and artic fox.

Female=a girl.


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