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Term 1&2

This term Year 6 have explored the themes surrounding our Power of Reading Text, The Journey ​by Francesca Sanna. The story follows a mother and two children who have to leave their war-torn country after the death of the father. The story follows them as they face uncertainty and the dangers of being a refugee. In this piece of work, our children looked at how different characters may react to the same situation. As a result, they had to write two diary entries; one in the role of the mother and the other as one of the children, carefully choosing vocabulary that would reflect the characters and their opinions. 

Esha B (6JR)

Esha B (6JR) 1

Gloria B (6JR)

Nayel A (6JR)

Kaci (6JF)

Kaci (6JF) 1

Kajus (6JF)

Kajus (6JF) 1

Shayla (6JF)

Shayla (6JF) 1

Melat (6JF)

Melat (6JF) 1

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