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The Magoogles (4MM)

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Associate Teacher - Senga Ingram

Welcome to The Magoogles!!! This is our class page where you will find out all the amazing things that we have been doing in our class. The year has started with a bang as we travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt. We have discovered temples, tombs and treasures. We have also navigated our way through pyramids with the help of our excellent hieroglyphic translating skills.
Throughout the year, we will be sharing our love for reading with each other. We will be holding poetry competitions, writing our own stories and also sharing a class novel. Term 1's novel will be a fantastic book by Louis Sacher called 'Holes'. Feel free to give your opinion on it by completing one of our very own 'book appreciation forms' which you can find in class.

Temples, tombs and Treasure

Term 2: Bright Sparks

During Term 2, the Magoogles grabbed their safety helmets and explored how electricity impacted our lives. We researched Thomas Edison and how his inventions changed the world! After a lot of safety advice, the Magoogles created their own circuits using wires, batteries and bulbs. This certainly brightened up our term 

Term 3: Active planet

This term ERUPTED into life when The Magoogles researched volcanoes and how they are formed. We delved back into time (79 A.D) to find out what really happened in Pompeii and whether or not more people could have been saved from the deadly Mount Vesuvius. In order to understand volcanoes more, we got the amazing Andrew Berry in to explain how the Earth is formed. We discovered new rocks and even got to use microscopes to get a closer look. We then designed, created and erupted our own volcanoes which was AWESOME! 

The Magoogles explored the impact that earthquakes can have on people, their lives and the environment. We looked at how the Richter scale works and the areas in the world that are the most likely to suffer an earthquake... don't worry, Dartford wasn't one of them (although we did practice what to do just in case)

Active Planet

Active Planet 1 Keeley and Bryn travel to the centre of the Earth
Active Planet 2 What do you see Summer?
Active Planet 3 Thumbs up for our top scientists Harry and Alfie
Active Planet 4 Dr. Maggie
Active Planet 5 Exploring
Active Planet 6 Research tiime
Active Planet 7 Researching
Active Planet 8 Earthquake drill
Active Planet 9 No need to panic
Active Planet 10 Drew playing it safe

Term 4: Shake it!

STOP! Put down your bowl of cornflakes and look at the milk. Have you ever wondered how that milk got into your bowl? Well, if you want to know then come down to Year 4 and ask a Magoogle. We have been looking at the process of milk and how it gets from "Moo to you." With our milk, we have been able to make amazing things like our own home made butter and our very own amazing milkshakes! We did this after learning about changes of state. We have been able to experiment with different matters and watch liquids turn into gases, and solids turning into liquids. We now understand how particles move in different states and what this means for water! We also had an amazing workshop from our friends at "Science Boffins" who showed us how science can be cool. We experimented with dry ice, mixed different materials to cause explosions and we even made our own yummy ice cream! 


Shake it!

Shake it! 1 Gas
Shake it! 2 Liquid
Shake it! 3 Solid
Shake it! 4 The particles
Shake it! 5 Keeley piercing a balloon
Shake it! 6 Our amazing Boffin!
Shake it! 7 So that's where all the toilet roll went Drew!
Shake it! 8 Dry ice anyone?
Shake it! 9 Is that you Billie?
Shake it! 10 Deep breath Shalom
Shake it! 11 Watch you don't steam up your glasses Charlie
Shake it! 12 Exploding stuff = AMAZING!
Shake it! 13 Ice cream time
Shake it! 14 Do you have a brain freeze Shalom?
Shake it! 15 The cauldron
Shake it! 16 The mist is coming!