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The Mega Minds (4VC)

Hi, we are the Mega Minds and we are in Year 4. We chose our name because we like to use our brilliant brains to learn and remember lots of interesting, new facts! We love having visitors so come and see us for reading on Friday mornings. This year, we are going for the title of 'Best Class in the School' (Miss Climpson and Mrs Munday are quite competitive!), so you will most likely see us walking around school sensibly, sitting beautifully and with lots of stickers on our jumpers!


Term 1: Temples, Tombs and Treasures

This term, we have already learnt loads about the Ancient Egyptians and some of us have even done extra research at home! Make sure you ask us lots of questions when you see us! We're also really looking forward to our trip to the British Museum.

Term 2: Bright Sparks


This term, we will be looking at famous figures in the history of electricity and how electricity was discovered. We will investigate which materials are conductors and insulators and how to make a simple circuit. We will also be looking at how electricity is produced in our own country and are excited to be visiting Littlebrook Power Station this term.

What we've been up to!

Term 3: Active Planet


This term, we have been learning about the natural disasters that we can experience on Earth. Term 3 erupted into life as we researched volcanoes and the impact they have on our planet. We were helped to understand how our planet works by welcoming in the amazing Andrew Berry! We travelled back in time to discover what really happened when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79.

In the process of making our volcanoes!

Term 4: Shake It!


Do you know how milk gets from the cow to your cup of tea? Well, we do! This term, we have learnt about the complicated process milk goes through to get 'from moo to you'! Through our work looking at different states of matter and how changes

in state happens, we have been able to recognise reversible and irreversible changes. We've even made our own butter! We've looked at the equipment needed to change the state of milk and were very proud of our whisk making efforts. We are now very excited to be using this new knowledge to create our own milkshakes, all of which Miss Climpson will, of course, be testing!


We also had a great time in our science workshop, this term, with 'Science Boffin Martin', who showed us some great experiments. Most were linked to our work on changing states (lots of playing with dry ice!) but we also learnt some new skills. Who knew you could push a kebab stick right through a balloon without popping it?


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