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Year 1

Our Power of Reading text is called 'One Night Far From Here' and it is all based around the different animals around the world. In this piece of work Oran has written about 'a day in the life of a lion'. Before Oran started his work he acted out his day as an African Lion and thought about what he might do. Drawing from previously learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores Oran knew that a lion was a carnivore and that one of their favourite snacks was a zebra! Oran's focus was to add different suffixes to his work. How many different suffixes can you spot?




Oran (1RS)







In English we have been writing our own Kenning poems about the different animals in the African Savannah. We focused on adding the 'er' suffix at the end of each line to give hints to our animals. Can you guess what Evie-May's animal is?



Alfie (1RS)



Evie-May (1RS)



Umesa (1RS)






Our Power of Reading text takes place all over the world and we focused on the exciting continent of Africa. For Art we envisioned what the African Savannah may look like when the sun is setting. We used paints to create our blend of a sunset sky using red, yellow and orange. We then used crepe and tissue paper to collage our sun and our trees. We used black tissue paper to create the shadow effect of the sun. You may need to grab your sunglasses to look at our stunning sunset masterpieces.  



Jasmine (1RS)



Violet has showcased her outstanding knowledge of snakes in her very own snake fact file! She used different sources to find her information such as non-fiction text books and researching online. She was able to recall facts for a very exciting experience where a snake came to visit our class! She was able to use exclamation marks to add feeling to her work. Take a look at all the facts Violet has presented on snakes. 



Violet (1RS)



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