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Year 2

In Year 2 this term we have been looking at the book Pattan's Pumpkin; a story about a large pumpkin that saves the animals and people from a flood in an Indian village. 


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We have been creating poems about animals that we may find in Pattan's Village. We based our writing on a poem by Rachel Rooney called "The Language of Cat".




Ashton (2LB)


Jorim (2LB)



Callum (2LB)



Jack (2LB)


Jacob-James (2LB)


Macintyre (2LB)


Noble (2LB)


Rebecca (2LB)


Simrita (2LB)



Telisha (2LB)



This term has had a shocking, magical start! I am sure you all would have heard, but if you haven't, poor Mr. Dawson was turned into a rabbit after drinking a magic potion! Luckily, Year 2 were quick thinking and came up with a magic spell to bring him back. Thank goodness!


Year 2 got to investigating straight away! They have created newspaper reports detailing what happened that morning. If you have any further information on this matter, let Year 2 know ASAP!

Telisha 2LB

Afrin 2LB


Annsh 2LB


Ashton 2LB


Cora 2LB



Fred 2LB


Jack 2LB

Jacob-James 2LB





Nikshetha 2LB



Radyah 2LB



Rebecca 2LB



Tegan 2LB





Anika 2MB


Courtney 2MB

Ella 2MB

Emily 2MB

Finley 2MB

Harrison 2MB

Kirstie 2MB