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Year 3

In Year 3, we have been reading The Wild Robot and have written diary entries from Roz the robot's perspective while she watches her adopted gosling son learn to fly for the first time.

Arthur (3SS)
Dear Diary,
I have had a beautiful day. I am feeling a lot of emotions right now.
Brightbill was flabbergasted, wide eyed and eager to explore so I took him down to the soft sandy beach to see the vast, blue ocean. Seconds later, Brightbill was lifted into the air then toppled into the shallow waters! He waddled out of the shallow waters and repeated jumping onto the rock and being lifted into the air.
Finally, Brightbill was floating. Two minutes later, Brightbill flew back down and landed on his feet he was feeling exhausted! Finally, after an eventful day, we travelled back to our cosy nest and fell fast asleep.

Sriya (3SS)
Dear Diary ,
What a busy day today was! Brightbill has been becoming more and more curious these days about what is laid around our magnificent island. I feel all kinds of emotions today. We set out in the morning and I decided to take Bright bill to the vast ocean. When we arrived a sturdy breeze took place and lifted Brightbill off the hard floor and into the air above us! Brightbill thought he was flying but I just laughed! I explained to Brightbill that it certainly wasn’t flying. I have observed many birds in flight, sometimes they flap their wings and other times soar by spreading their wings! Brightbill practiced and revised his methods until he could soar. After Brightbill soared perfectly he started flying for some time. He was so exhausted that while we were walking to our colossal nest Brightbill fell asleep. This is why I feel all kinds of emotions today.
Georgie (3SS)
Dear Diary,
What a day I don’t even know how many emotions I’m feeling I thought robot’s did not feel emotions but I do.
Brightbill really wants to know what is near are home so I thought it will be good to take him to the huge ocean to see more water than he could ever imagine.
Suddenly Brightbill was standing on a huge rock then the wind lifted Brightbill up in the sky.
Brightbill thought he was flying! I laughed and said that is not flying Brightbill.
So he tried again and I stayed there all day watching him.
At last Brightbill soared high in the sky. It was suddenly night time. Brightbill wanted to stay and do more flying but he was to tired we decided to go home and go to sleep.
Hugo (3SS)
Dear Diary,
What a day! I`m filled with mixed emotions about how I should feel. I thought robots didn’t even have emotions! I noticed Brightbill was getting more and more curious
about what lay beyond our humble home so I decided it was time for him to explore. We set out early across the colossal meadow and finally reached our destination. We gazed at the ocean and then suddenly the ocean floor rose up and shot Brightbill straight up into the air and he tumbled right back over into the sand.  Brightbill thought he was flying but I assured him that he wasn`t. Bright bill tried again and again I told him to adjust his wings and he did exactly that! Afterwards, he experienced being able to fly for the first time but his landings needed some work. It exhausted both of us but I still reached the nest with Brightbill on my shoulder. We fell asleep under the night sky with all of the shiny, sparkling and small stars gleaming down on both of us.

Saanvi (3SS)
For our final piece of writing this term we have been writing our own book review's for the Wild Robot. We have been working on our summarising skills and how to share our opinion in a way that doesn't spoil the plot. We hope our reviews will persuade you to read the book!
 Levi (3SS)
The Wild Robot
By Peter Brown
This is an awesome and uplifting story. It begins with a crate that falls off of a drifting cargo ship and shatters on the soggy sand of a never ending island. Inside was an abandoned Robot called Rozzum unit 7134. Some cheeky otters accidently activated her and she began her adventures! My favourite part of the book is when the animals fight against evil RECO’s because one of them fell off a waterfall and died! This book made me feel frustrated and surprised all at the same time.
Hikmah (3SS)
By Peter Brown

This extraordinary book will lead you to a magical story with a magical adventurous world. 
Our story begins with an unusual mysterious crate washed up on the shore. This is no ordinary crate. Inside, we are introduced to our main character Rozzum unit 7134! Roz sets off on an adventure and meets lots of friends along the way. 

I think this book is amazing because it has magical adventures and Roz finally makes friends and learns to be wild. My favourite part is when Roz adopts Brightbill the gosling and he becomes her son.
Lexi (3SS) 
The Wild Robot
This magical amazing book aimed at middle-grade children will guide you on a fantastic journey .
This story is about a shiny scary robot who came
from a mysterious boat. The unusual robot was in a dirty rusty crate washed up on a wet island. The robot is called Roz. She finds a gosling who’s family had died and adopts him and they begin an adventure!
I really like the book because it is very exciting when Robot made friends with all the animals of the island.
5 out of 5!



We have loved reading the book The Great Kapok Tree! All of Year 3 have been writing our very own acrostic poems all about the rainforest in our book! 


Aston (3SS)
Rain thumping on my head, roaring rhinos crushing my bones.
Apples bitten by monkeys on top of a colossal tree.
Incredible insects in time for dinner.
Noisy monkeys swing from tree to tree.
Fresh flowers growing up.
Oranges crashing on my head like pine cones.
Rocks falling down hills.
Elephants stamping on the sticky mud.
Slithering snakes on the floor.
Trampling on the mud to run.
Abisade (3SS)
Rapid winds shaking the trees.
Acrobatic monkey swinging on the trees.
In the jungle eager lions hunt.
Never ending jungle.
Forest monkeys chanting from miles and miles away.
On the trees gorillas roar.
Roaring thunder crashing on the crunching ground.
Eager tigers ready to pounce and eat it’s prey.
Slithering snakes hissing.
Trees as tall as towers clamping around me.
Sophie (3SS)


Rain banging as fresh juicy waterfall    
Acrobatic smells magnificent fragrant flowers sitting by the hard dirty tree
Incredible insects calling beautiful flowers ahead
Noisy lions roaring gently animals crowding making new noise  inside the forest
Forest fresh fragile mansion  
Oranges existing bouncing on trees  
Rough lions cuddling in the warm spiky bushes
Elephants stepping their enormous feet   
Snakes slithering sliding though the jungle
Terrific trees dancing in the wind
Kara (3SS)
Rain crashing down on the wonderful animals
A noisy cricket singing in the wonderful hard rain
I can see the tallest tree in the forest 
Never ending forest had the most wonderful pond
Far away the most beautiful animals asleep 
On the tallest monkeys shouting 
Rocks as hard as metal  
Elephants stopping around  
Slithering snakes trying to get food   
Trees as wet as a waterfall

Alice (3SS)
Rumbling rain hitting the mossy rocks.
Animals stomping on the forest floor. “STOMP”!
Interesting plants all around me!
Noisy birds cheeping in the trees. “CHEEP”!
Fresh oranges growing on trees. “YUM!”
Outstanding animals playing on the green grass.
Rustling bushes behind tall trees.
Echoes of bears roaring in their cave.
Snakes slithering through the forest.
Tall trees touring over me!

Olivia (3SS)


Rain dropping that smells so fresh like a rose.
Animals running to catch there pray for their hungry family.
In the bushes I see some monkeys on the trees to get some bananas for their food.
Noisy elephants stomping through the forest as I went closer I heard it better.
Fresh grass waving side to side.
Outrageous echo screeching.
Rotten rocks touching my skin as I walk passed.

Elephants splashing in puddles.
Slithering snakes looking for food.
Trees as tall as a tower.


Enoch (3SS)


Rain roaring like a tiger.
Amazing animals emerge from trees.
Incredible birds fly through the sky.
Noisy animals shake the ground.
Freezing water turns into ice.
Oranges fall from the trees.
Roaring lions yawn like lazy animals.
Scuttling monkeys are running around.
The waterfall splashes angrily onto the rocks.
Kyle (3SS)
Raging rhinos run through the forest.
Awesome animals leaping in the tall tree.
Incredible swooping tall tree.
Noisy howl of the hungry foxes.
Funny furry chimps laughing loudly.
On the ground sounds of rustling leafs.
Rain splashing on ground splash splosh.
Elephant making a lot noise
Splash on muddy puddles by foxes.
Thunder like car crash bang bang.
Alfie (3SS)
Raging rhinos ran through the forest.
Awesome animals leaping through the trees.
Incredible swooping tall trees.
Noisy howl of the hungry foxes.
Funny, chimps laughing loudly.
On the ground, sounds of rustling leaves.
Rain splashing down making deep puddles.
Enormous elephants thundering feet.
Slithering, slimy snakes.
Tall trees dancing in the wind.

Ricky (3SS)

Raging rhinos cutting through the trees like a monster.
An eagle flying as fast as a flash and hunting its prey.
Inside a cave was two snooping gorillas.
Noisy monkeys swinging from branch to branch.
Forest trees are as substantial as a giant.
On the floor was as wet as a waterfall.
Rotten wet rocks were as rusty as the trees.
Enormous elephants noisier than a gorilla.
Squeaking monkeys having a snooping party.
Tall trees as long as a giraffes neck.

Linas (3SS)

Rocks crumble in the deep dark gloomy colossal slimy forest
A colossal elephant making noises like a monkey.
In the rainforest there were tigers hunting animals and trapping them.
Naughty monkeys jumping on the high trees
Funny monkeys jumping on smooth soft rocks
On the ground the colourful grass waving at the trees
Rain splashing down splash splash!
Enormous birds flying past the towering trees
Smooth slithering snakes scurrying on the floor
Tigers roaring loudly at the animals in the rainforest.

In Term 5 we have been reading 'One Plastic Bag', a true story of a remarkable young woman named Isatou who came up with an inspirational way to reuse, reduce and recycle plastic bags into purses.

Here are some examples of writing from this term, we have written diary entries from the perspective of Isatou and all the remarkable things she has been up to. We have also been writing persuasive texts urging the world to reduce how much plastic they are using and the affects it is having on the planet!


Saanvi (3SS)





Ricky (3SS)





Alice (3SS)






Joseph (3VK)




Samuel (3VK)





During Term 6, Year 3 have been reading the classic text Charlotte's Web by E.B White. We have loved learning all the interesting facts about spiders and have been writing non-fiction texts explaining the most incredible information we could find! Our classes have worked very hard to include technical vocabulary, subheadings and third person. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we've enjoyed writing them!

Hugo (3SS)


Though people think they are insects, like bees and wasps, they are in fact arachnids. This means they have eight legs and not six. They also don’t have antenna on their heads. This text will tell you all the staggering facts you need to know about spiders!
Types of spiders
There are numerous types of spiders, big and small, thin and fat, venomous and nonvenomous. The largest spider in the world is a Goliath bird-eating spider. Did you know that there is only a 2% chance that you would survive a black-widows bite EVER? The smallest spider in the world is a Samoan moss spider. They are roughly the same size as a full stop. Even though they are tiny, these spiders are still very poisonous, but their fangs aren`t long enough to bite into a person's skin. A barn spider is notable for being the basis for the character Charlotte in the book Charlotte's Web by American writer E.B White.
What do spiders eat
The female spider is known to eat the male spider in some species. Spiders eat flies, bugs, grasshoppers, choice beetles, moths, butterflies, cockroaches, gnats, midges and mosquitoes.
Funky facts
Banana spiders weave an impressive web that glimmers like gold in the sunlight. Other members of the arachnid family include scorpions, mites, ticks and harvestmen.

Aston (3SS)
Did you know people think spiders are insects like bees and wasps? They are in fact arachnids! This means they have eight legs not six, they also do not have antenna on their heads. Some spiders are extremely large; some can be bigger than the hand of a thirty-eight-year-old man! This text will make you flabbergasted.
Types of spider
There is a 2% chance to survive a black widow bite. There are around 40,000 species of
spider. It is a fact that spiders have two body parts. The largest spider in the world is the Goliath bird eating spider. Spiders eat many insects like flies, their bodies are often hairy and they are able to camouflage from predators. They use silk to make webs.
Abisade (3SS)
You can find spiders on every continent of the world except for Antarctica. Did you know there are about 40,000 species in the world? Some spiders come in different shapes and sizes. Well this text will provide you with some wonderful information and will teach you about spiders, listen to more great facts.
Spiders big and small
Did you know that the smallest spiders are the money spider and the Somoan moss spider which is the size of a full stop? The biggest is the Goliath bird eating spider.
Barn spider
These types of spiders are normally found in North America. They may or may not have a venomous bite to humans or insects.
Funky facts
. Spiders belong to the arachnid family because they have an exoskeleton
. Spiders live all around the world but cold regions.
. All spiders have two parts which are the head and abdomen.
. Spiders have a tough hard outer cover.
. Tarantulas bodies are often hairy and able to camouflage from predators.
. The tarantula can grow to the size of a dinner plate
. The black widow has a mark to show its deadly.
. The jumping spider can jump many times its body length.
Species - different types of animals.
Arachnid – an insect with 8 legs instead of 6 or less.
Regions – different countries or continents.
Daniel B (3LB)

Poppy (3LB)

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