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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

This is the Year 5 Group page. Here you can find out information about what we get up to in all each term.
There are three classes in year 5, each named after a British artist - Tony Hart, Jim Kay & Neil Buchanan.

Year 5 Staff

Year 5 Staff 1 Laura Bates - Teacher
Year 5 Staff 2 Emily Gould - Teacher
Year 5 Staff 3 Charlie Thompson - Teacher
Year 5 Staff 4 Lindsey Bateman - Associate Teacher
Year 5 Staff 5 Paula Hilstrop - Associate Teacher
Year 5 Staff 6 Amanda Dunn - Associate Teacher
News from Year 5

In Term 5 our topic is called, 'Champions for Change'! The children are really looking forward to their trip in the second week of term to the Houses of Parliament.

As part of the entry point we held class election campaigns and voted for a class Prime Minister! The children all enjoyed writing their speeches and creating persuasive posters with slogans for their campaigns!

Election Campaigns! Term 5

Mr Berry's Scientific Workshop! Term 4

Home learning and other information

As part of our topic this term, keep up with the news about the upcoming General Election. How are we being persuaded to vote? What policies would you like to be put into place?

Have a go at writing your own speech, include what promises you would make to improve the country!

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