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The Hill - Breakfast Club and After School Club

Terms and conditions effective from 3rd January 2019

The Hill Before & After School Club Policy

Temple Hill Primary Academy


The Hill is run by Temple Hill Primary Academy and exists to provide high quality out-of-school hours childcare for our parents. It provides a range of stimulating and creative activities in a safe environment.


The club operates from 7.30am – 8.45am and from 3.15pm - 6.00pm term time.


How we process bookings and payments is changing:


Booking and payment must be made for the term in advance via ParentMail


For instance: Term 3 childcare will need to be booked and paid for up until half term, 2 weeks before February half term ParentMail booking will open again for term 4. The booking cost for Breakfast club is £2 and for after school club £8.50 per session (Nursery Children Breakfast Club £2:50/ After School Club £12:50)


If parents prefer to book for one session or for emergency childcare, booking will still be accepted through ParentMail at the cost of £3.50 for Breakfast Club and £12:00 for After School Club. (Nursery costs will stay the same).


Please download the ParentMail app so that if there are any issues with booking or payment on arrival to a session they are able to be resolved quickly.


Why are the changes happening?


Temple Hill Primary Academy has grown significantly over the past 2 years and we will be expanding again to reach our full capacity next year!


Breakfast and Afterschool club regularly accommodate over 60 children per session, therefore, in order for the school to provide the correct staffing ratios, prior booking is essential.


However, in order to maintain flexibility for parents in an emergency or to enable bookings for one off sessions, reserve spaces will be kept aside for same day bookings. There is a higher fee in order to accommodate additional staffing costs to maintain the correct ratios.


A copy of this policy is provided to all parents of children attending Club and is also available on the school website.

All parents must complete a registration form for each child attending the club and sign an agreement

to adhere to the terms of this policy.


There will be a transition period in term 3 to support families with moving over to the new system (i.e. paying in advance will officially start at the end of term 3 ready for term 4)


Late collection


Late collection fees will be £1 per minute.

If children are not collected after a period of 30 minutes with no contact from parents the school have an obligation to contact Social services.

Fees will be waivered only if there is a significant traffic incident, which impact on multiple parents, the school appreciates that we are surrounded by major roads A2, M25 etc. which on occasion have significant closures. It is vital that you have a support network in place for these situations. If you are a user of the Hill and you would like to be part of a parent Whatsapp group, please speak to a member of the team.


Please ensure The Hill have up to date emergency contact details.





•    Pupils and staff attending Temple Hill, St Anselm’s and Galaxy Trust Schools are invited to attend the club.       Pupils who do not attend these schools or who are not those of members of Galaxy Trust staff may attend          through prior arrangements with manager or supervisors of the provision.

•    All places are subject to availability.

•    The registration process must be completed prior to the child’s commencement at the club.

•    All parents will receive a paper copy of this policy and this policy is available to view via our

      school website.

•    Non contracted pupils are welcomed to use the club provided there are spaces and parents/carers have       previously completed the registration process.

•    All club staff are made aware of the details of a new child.

•    Children’s attendance is recorded in a register.


Arrival and Departure


Before School Club

•    Parents/Carers are required to bring their child directly to club and sign them in. You should enter

      the club via the external door at the link corridor, on the left before the main school entrance, the staff will be       alerted to your arrival when you press the The Hill doorbell situated on the right of the club entrance.

•    Children using breakfast club will be escorted towards their classrooms by The Hill staff by 8.40am.



After School Club - Collection of Children

•    EYFS, KS1and St Anselm’s children will be escorted by a member of school staff to the Junior Canteen to register.

•    KS2 pupils should walk from their classroom to the Junior Canteen at hometime to meet to register.


The club staff will take a register of all contracted children and will liaise with the class teacher/school office to determine any reason why a child is not accounted for.



•    When a child is collected at the end of or during a session, they must be signed out by a parent/carer or named       collector and the time recorded.

•    The parent/carer or named collector must inform a member of staff that they are collecting and signing out a       child.

•    Parents/carers must ensure that any person who may collect their child is listed on the registration form and that       it is kept fully up to date.

•    Parents must inform Club staff if their child is going to be absent from Club.


Daily Routine

Morning session

•    7.30am – 8.30am parents bring their children to Before School Club situated in the Junior Canteen where a range       of activities are set out.

•    8.00am children wishing to have breakfast wash their hands ready to enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast.

•    8.35am tidy up time encouraging the children to take responsibility for the canteen/club environment.

•    8.40am children collect their coats and bags. Both Infant and Junior children are escorted to their

      appropriate corridor where they meet up with the rest of the children going into their classrooms.



Afternoon session

•    3.10pm – 3.20pm children go to club.

•    3.20pm – 3.30pm The Hill children will be offered a snack, staff members will sit with the children at this time.       The register will be taken. Children can then choose from a range of play and planned activities, both indoors and       outdoors.

•    3.30pm activities will begin.

•    4.30pm children will be invited to sit down and enjoy a light tea with staff at the table.



Whilst attending Club children are expected to:

•    Use socially acceptable behaviour.

•    Respect one another, accepting differences of race, gender, ability, age and religion.

•    Choose and participate in a variety of activities.

•    Ask for help if needed.

•    Enjoy their time at the Club.


Positive behaviour is encouraged by:

•    Staff acting as positive role models.

•    Praising appropriate behaviour.

•    Sticker rewards.

•    Informing parents about individual achievements.


Dealing with inappropriate behaviour:

•    Challenging behaviour will be addressed in a calm, firm and positive manner.

•    In the first instance, if necessary, the child will be temporarily removed from the activity.

•    Staff will explain why the behaviour displayed is deemed inappropriate.

•    Staff will encourage and facilitate mediation between children to try to resolve conflicts through discussion and       negotiation.

•    Staff will consult with parents to formulate clear strategies for dealing with persistent inappropriate behaviour.


      If after consultation with parents and the implementation of behaviour management strategies, a child continues       to display inappropriate behaviour, the Club may decide to exclude the child. The reasons and processes involved       will be clearly explained to the child and their parent/carer.


      The club reserve the right to cancel with immediate effect any contract where behaviour is not deemed safe for       the child, other children or adults in the club.


First Aid

•    All accidents will be recorded in the school accident book, accurately reported to the parents/carer upon       collection and signed by a member of The Hill staff.

•    Accident records must give details of; time, date and nature of the accident, details of the child involved, type       and location of the injury, action taken, and by whom.

•    All incidents are dealt with by a qualified first aider.


Parents of any child who become unwell during Club will be contacted immediately. If a child is sent home during school hours, Club will be informed of their absence.


Missing or Uncollected children


Missing children

In the event that a child goes missing, the following procedure will be undertaken:

•    Senior school staff will be informed of the missing child.

•    Club supervisor will search the inside of the building and delegate an outside search of the building to another       member of staff. If the child remains missing, the emergency services will be contacted.




Uncollected children

If a child has not been collected by 6.00pm parents will be contacted in the first instance by telephone.

The additional contacts parents have provided will be telephoned in the second instance. If these contacts are unavailable after approximately one hour, the police and Social Services will be informed. A charge will be levied for late collection. A fee will be applied for late collection from 6.00pm onwards at £1 per minute per child. This charge will be added to the account used to pay for club.


Payment of Fees


It is a requirement of the club that parents pay their fees promptly in accordance with our terms and conditions. Fees are to be paid in advance, and payment is due for all contracted sessions even if your child is unable to attend their booked session.


The parent signing the clubs registration form is known as the ‘contracting parent’ and is responsible for payment of all fees.


If a parent is experiencing difficulty with payment of their fees, they should contact the school office staff as soon as possible. Our staff will treat all matters confidentially and arrange for discussions in private.


Families paying via childcare vouchers need to speak directly to the school.


Procedures for payment of fees

•    Fees will be paid online on by ParentMail at the time of booking.

•    Payment can also be made by Childcare voucher, please email if you wish to       organise this method.

•    Four weeks notice must be given to reduce the number of sessions your child attends at the The Hill club.

•    Four weeks notice must be given to resign your child’s place.


Related Whole School Policies:

•    Child protection policy

•    Equal opportunities policy

•    Health and Safety policy



The Hill Before & After School Club Agreement


I …………………………………………................parent/carer of …………………………………………......…..........have read and accept a copy of the The Hill club policy and agree to abide by the terms therein.


I accept that I am the ‘contracting parent’ for the above child and agree to make payments to The Hill Before and After School Club each month when booking online. The sessions in this contract are 7.30am – 8.45am and 3.15pm – 6.00pm.


Parent signature



Print name






Signed on behalf of The Hill



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