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 “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” – Dr Seuss


At Temple Hill, reading is at the heart of everything that we do. We understand the importance of equipping our children with life-long Literacy skills so that they develop a love of reading and are fully prepared for the next chapter in their school life.


At Temple Hill, children from Y2 – Y6 use Accelerated Reader (AR), a reading program by Renaissance Learning, to further their reading comprehension. Each child has a username and password to access their own bookshelf.  At the beginning of each new term, your child will take a STAR test and this will give them their ZPD (zone of proximal development) number. This gives them a suggested book level range, which has been translated into a colour system. All the library books are categorised according to these colours and numbers, and the children understand how to select their own books.  The books are further split through age categories; lower, middle and upper years.


When your child has finished reading a book, they take an Accelerated Reader Quiz. After the quiz, your child will be given their score as a percentage.  If they pass the quiz, points will be rewarded! You can find out how many points a book is worth by taking a look on the inside cover – but remember, children must pass the quiz by 85% or more to earn the points! Temple Hill also has a ‘Millionaire’s Club’ for all the children that read over one million words during the school year!


Books that you child chooses to read at home may also be on AR.  This can be checked by visiting and searching for the book by either the title or the author.  If the book is in your child’s suggested range, a test can then be taken on this in school. 


Parents can also keep up to date on their child’s progress by signing up to Accelerated Reader via this link: Just click on the email set up link and follow the directions. You will then be emailed an update every time your child has taken a quiz!


Further Reading at Home


To make good progress, we encourage our children to read every day at home. It’s easy to implement reading into everyday life – why not try asking your child to read information from food labels when you go shopping? Perhaps they could read you information from websites online, or something from a newspaper or magazine.


If you are interested in becoming a reading volunteer, please see Miss Watson.



Reading Curriculum Overview:

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