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“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

 At Temple Hill, we aim to inspire and support our children to write to the very best of their ability. Reading a wide variety of exciting and interesting texts provides inspiration for our children and helps them in developing their own writing styles. We encourage our children become confident and skilful writers.

 At Temple Hill we encourage our children to become both confident and skilful writers. Providing inspiration is key, which is why we ensure that our lessons are engaging, innovative and challenging.

Engaging books are used as a premise for the teaching of literacy through a variety of different genres. Through this, children's skills are developed as they progress through the National Curriculum. Drama, discussion and games are often used within lessons, helping to ensure all children enjoy their learning and that there are plenty of speaking and listening opportunities to develop vocabulary and ideas. Every class has a ‘Working Wall’ where exciting new vocabulary is displayed and ready to be plucked by eager learners. Children are taught the purpose of their writing so that they are able to relate it to a real-life context, which manifests itself into a finished product for a reader. In addition to this, children are supported with exemplar models of writing, whether it is through teacher modelling/demonstrating or teacher scribing.


Writing Curriculum Overview:

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